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For investors

When properly managed and marketed, sports and casino websites are basically money printing machines. Our product can generate an astounding 600% ROI within 18 months. Contact us now to speak with a consultant!

For mainstream marketers

Online gambling is an industry worth over $200 Billion a year (2015 stats), our average user generates over $800 in affiliate commissions over the course of a year. Stop wasting your time collecting pennies and join us in order to get your piece of the action!

For sports affiliates

Why keep sending traffic to other sites when you can operate your own! With our product you can build a service as you always searched in others but never found. Set your own rules and terms, customize your lines, create your own promotions and get more from your traffic!

For existing agents

If you have at least active 20 players we can work with you to migrate their accounts to our platform and help you grow your business in ways you have not seen yet.

For operators

Our platform enables existing sports and casino operations to dramatically cut down infrastructure costs and staff requirements, while increasing user conversion and retention. Contact us to learn more.

For players

Stop losing money at other books and start your own sports betting website! With our product you can turn your gambling hobby into a very profitable business, work your own hours and make your own rules. The average small website with about 20 active customers generates around $5,000 a month in profits. The house always wins.

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About us

Our company has started back in 2003 as a small software development shop, designing websites and building web applications. During the first 2-3 years we have gathered some nice names in our portfolio and also started looking at online gaming and betting as a potential side business.

Within another 2 years we have designed and developed betting system support software for arbitrage betting and matched betting. This was the main source of our experience and in-depth knowledge. Soon, the need for a fully fledged sports betting platform became obvious, as major providers were offering such systems at 7 to 8 digit prices. We have started small, building betting websites using PHP and MySQL, and eventually back in 2006 we have started redesigning our current system from scratch.

After spending another 6 years improving and optimizing the software, we can now offer complete white label sports betting solutions as well as white label casino gaming websites, along with a complete range of maintenance and support services.

And now, we are looking forward to work with you!