Sports content feeds

The very first thing end users notice when visiting any of our sites is the large number of sporting events and the wide variety of markets we publish. Our average event listing includes over 100 different bets organized in about 30 different markets.

We have partnered with some of the world’s most reputable sports content providers to aggregate a massive amount of data (which is sent to us in real time) in order to provide end users with the right prices at the right time. Our white label solution comes directly integrated with the complete data feed and based on additional options, live betting feeds are also supported.

With our platform, there is no need to contract a separate sports content feed or hire any auxiliary personnel. Most providers will quote high prices and require a complex and costly integration process which requires dedicated personnel to write the code and manage multiple servers and databases. On our end, since we are already into business relationships with such providers, the costs are low enough that we can offer sports data feeds with any of our white label sportsbook products.

Odds are uploaded, published and updated automatically by our fully automated back-end. Markets are organized firstly based on sport, country and league then based on size, velocity and popularity and displayed in an user-friendly format that is easy to navigate.

Market example

Below is a screenshot of two major matches – Liverpool v Heats (23 Aug 2012) and Barcelona v Real Madrid (23 Aug 2012). The number of bet options we provide for such popular events is tremendous – in the latter case over 500.


Market size record

On the 16th of September 2012 our market size record (previously at about 650) has been broken 4 times within 1 hour.  First it happened on the Italy v Denmark  fixture within the Cup, then within the hour with two more events, just to culminate with a staggering 978 bets on (surprisingly) Croatia v Wales.  All these events and another about 80 were turned in-play at the time this was written. We are looking forward to see a first time over 1000!


With our white label sportsbook solution you will never have to worry about complex technical aspects, everything is already working and never stops.