Sportsbook presentation webinar

Below is a video presentation of several white label sportsbook software layouts and designs. Our company offers beautiful, custom-tailored websites for online casino and sports betting operations that come with 100% customized branding and user interface design.

View the power of our white label sportsbook control panel in this video demonstration of our users database graph. This module allows visualizing the users database as a graph with connections between agents, affiliates and users as well as quick links for one-click access to comprehensive reports, risk management and hierarchy view. Using our white label sportsbook software control panel you can visualize per user, per user group and site-wide reports broken down per product, revenue stream and executive overviews as well as betting reports and market reports that help you identify the most profitable markets and products.

Below is an older playlist of video recordings from our product presentation webinar on the 29th of July 2013. A number of product options are described and demonstrated, including a hands-on example of API and CMS usage along with lots of useful information regarding the administration panels, affiliate program, the infrastructure behind the platform and several other aspects. The platform has evolved significantly during those years.