Why start a sportsbook?

With over 200 million potential users worldwide and a global yearly turnover of over $400 billion, sports betting is definitely a good industry to work in. Even the smallest crumb of this pie is worth millions.

Yearly there is a vast number of competitions that provide sporting events covering a large number of markets spread over 4 continents, hence a large user audience of all nationalities, languages, sports preference and vast demographic range.

Back 20 years ago, the average punter could only visit a local bookmaker in order to place a bet. However nowadays, with the popularity of internet services and web-enabled devices, online sports betting is gaining more and more traction within the user base. More and more of the punters focus on betting online from the comfort and convenience of their home or office, and have an even larger variety of events to choose from. Professional sports content providers ensure that users are provided with accurate odds and event information and major bookmaking companies run rich websites to support online bettors.

Starting an online sports betting website is generally not easy. There are a number of things to consider such as all sorts of technical aspects which include programming and designing a website, ensuring a high availability service, maintaining a secure environment, then marketing, customer support, maintaining data and many more. Although following a very complex business model, online sports betting operations remain some of the most profitable businesses the internet can offer these days. It requires significant effort, a lot of dedication, but comes with great long term perspectives and benefits.

And since technology evolves and all technical aspects may now be efficiently addressed by medium-sized companies as well, it is natural that sports betting software became available at significantly lower costs than, let’s say 10 years ago, when only a few large companies worldwide were able to offer such complex systems.

Today we would like to bring to your attention our complete solution for starting a white label sports betting software and turning it into a successful venture. Our system is stable, robust and proven and now accessible at lower costs than it was previously possible. Please check out our white label sportsbook features and contact us to discuss business!