Mobile betting

20 years ago people could only get online by dialing a number.

Nowadays however, almost everyone has a web-enabled device somewhere. Mobile betting is obviously a major step forward for all sports betting website operators, and our software fully supports all the regular features which were traditionally only available by desktop-based operating systems.

There is no need for additional software or settings on any device – the white label sports betting software works on any mobile browser and any operating system. The user interface quickly adapts to shifts in resolution, orientation, accessibility options and user behavior and provides a smooth browsing and betting experience.

Furthermore, the graphics may be customized to match your branding requirements without any complex redesign processes. Our engineers will work with you to determine a color theme and build any business-specific assets such as banners, logos, images, static content, and your mobile betting website will be operational at the same time with the main sportsbook installation.

None of your users will ever be required to install any software in order to use the website, and the website will always look and feel the same regardless of the browsing platform.