Flexible sportsbook layouts for different markets

Our platform is the only one on the market that comes with different sportsbook layouts depending on target market of choice. We feature about 10 different sportsbook layouts optimized for american, european, asian and global markets, each one having its own characteristics and style.


Simply – this is a responsive template for minimalistic websites that attempts to cram up as much market data as possible into very little space in order to draw attention to website header slideshow or perhaps an attractive background image. The menu expands to show leagues under each sport. The layout features a toolbar to select days in an one-week calendar as well as buttons to filter events output by country.

Simply expanded

Simply expanded – the same functionality as it’s parent template, Simply, but operating in full page width mode. This allows the market data layout in the middle to appear more relaxed and also allows adding full-page call to action widgets or widgets providing additional functionality at the top and bottom of the event list and inside the event viewer.


Hat is a template that moves the main sports navigation at the top, with responsive dropdowns and relaxed market layouts but with full outlines depending on market.


Spartan – is a brand new template that shows minimalistic market data for Soccer while maintaining the full details of all American sports. This template features a responsive sports menu at the top, which expands into country and league submenus simultaneously.  The template features a toolbar to filter events by calendar days as well as an event search feature in the right side column. Events are grouped by sport in the main outline. These aspects make the Spartan template ideal for low-end European markets as well as most American clients.


Universal – This is the default sportsbook template which comes with a structure very friendly to search engines as well as microdata snippets and a clean, globalized layout that caters very well to EU and US markets. Navigation is conveniently located at the left and allows drilling down to leagues and countries, then events and bet types. The template features a tabs for event groups on the home page as well as our SuperPicks product.


Greek is a centered layout that moves the sports menu at the left, it allows complete event outlines in the main area and the betting slip and toolbar at the right. The Greek template has space for additional widgets between the sports menu and at the footer, and also above and below the betting slip. The Greek template features the same sports menu structure as the very popular Spartan template, making it ideal for a site where a full feature navigation and outline is required while allowing space for additional media such as widgets and colorful promo backgrounds.


Arcadian – like the Greek and Spartan templates, the Arcadian shows the sportsbook events grouped nicely into sports, a full-feature menu at the top, a full featured market browser and the betting slip and toolbar at the right. Generous widget space is available at the left, right and bottom in order to promote other products or highlight promotions.

All of our white label sportsbook templates support translations, live updates for market data, design theming – over 10 themes provided by default – as well as further design customization via CSS3 and tailor-made graphics. And, of course, all templates are responsive and compatible with all smartphones and tablets.

Our sportsbook content management control panel also allows in-depth customization of each template with our fast and easy editor by creating slideshows, animations, widgets, call-to-actions or hero sections anywhere within each template.