Why our solution?

Following 7 years of research, development and improvement our platform is robust, proven and stable and provides all features required to run a successful online betting business.

We have spent a very long time testing various technologies before choosing the right programming language, operating system, database system and tools to enable us to create the perfect balance between features, costs and ease of operation. While other companies were investing their time and efforts into marketing so they can increase their revenue streams, we have spent our time and resources towards improving a product that was designed from day one to be a revolution in the world of sports betting white label websites.

We provide the complete set of features to run a successful betting website:

  • Pixel-perfect front-end with complete support for all browsers, operating systems and a large variety of mobile devices;
  • Ready-for-use and accurate odds feeds that update in real time and don’t take large expense, time and integration;
  • Access to thousands of events and tens of thousands of markets and price options;
  • Great customer support;
  • A wide variety of payment options;
  • Localized and internationalized user interface;
  • Powerful affiliate program;
  • Complete administrative panel.

All this at the lowest price you can find on the market. Guaranteed.

Our software is ready to deploy within a minimal timeframe which, depending on features and options you choose, may take as little as 3 weeks. And unless you are using your own payment processing accounts, there is no need for interminable licensing, certification and regulation processes – you can start receiving revenue as soon as your users start signing up.

As a solution provider we understand that our success is only measured by our clients’ success, therefore we are ready to work with you as long as required towards creating a great website, an outstanding service, turning all this into production and if required working even further with you towards marketing and managing the business.

Please contact us today to see how we can work together!