Advanced Risk Management

Our white label sportsbook solution includes access to our proprietary anti-fraud and risk management systems which ensure business will go smooth and no issues will disrupt your attention from your marketing efforts.

Every white label website is protected by state of the art firewalls and content filters. Every user’s behavior is thoroughly monitored by our processes that ensure no unwanted visitors may access the website and any of the data. We monitor factors such as IP address, proxies if used, personal information for any suspicious patterns but also track user navigation paths to determine whether user requests are legitimate or somehow automated or driven by some sort of betting system that works against the house. Suspicious accounts are carefully monitored to further assess the nature of the risk and possible outcomes.

In terms of liability management, regardless if you are managing wagers on your own or have us doing it for you, the software is packed with a complete set of settings that allow setting up minimum and maximum limits on bets based on sport, event, time of day, day of month, past/current bankroll and will identify high risk markets and generate immediate feedback if management action is required. The system can run in both permissive mode, where you are notified about market activity and size, and in enforcing mode, where minimum and maximum limits are strictly enforced.

If you are under contract with a third party betting agency or insurance company, the platform provides the feature to keep all business stakeholders informed on all activity at all times, so that immediate action may be taken in the event of a potential disaster. You will always have peace of mind knowing all your users’ bets are covered, because – after all – there is no room for chance in this business.